a little night snack

20 Dec


A little night snack. Avocado, tomato, mashed anchovies, finely chopped lemon grass leaf (homegrown!), and flaxseed oil. Accompanied by yummy Kaya on buttered toast. Miam!

P.S. I found the Kaya (sweet pandan, egg and coconut ‘jam’ / spread) at a Korean grocery shop in Bondi Junction. “Glory” Kaya, one of the cheap and pretty decent brands back home. Not cheap here, though, but it was a treat. And these days, I need lotsa treats to keep me sane!

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Bakso Akiaw 99 Mangga Besar

20 Dec

My journal,my life

Sekian lama cuman bisa ngiler setiap lihat foto / penampakan Bakso Akiaw, ga disangka akhirnya gw bisa juga makan disini (jadi bisa gw coret dari list tempat makan yang wajib dikunjungi :P) Sampai di lokasi sekitar jam 10-an malam, tapi tempat makan ini masih ramai dikunjungi. Untung gw dan teman2 masih kebagian meja..

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December 20 is National Sangria Day

20 Dec

Foodimentary - National Food Holidays


National Sangria Day

Five Food Finds about Sangria

  • Sangria is not a cocktail with a specific recipe. Sangria makes cheap wine, as well as other inexpensive and easily accessible ingredients, taste better and eases the consumption.
  • Sangria in the Spanish language means ‘bloody’
  • The country with the highest per-capita wine consumption in the world is…. wait for it…. Vatican City.
  • The word Alcohol is derived from the Arabic language (al kohl or alkuhl). Strange consider that a large proportion of the Arabic population is forbidden from consuming alcohol for religious reasons.
  • Poor soil quality tends to produce better wines. The trick is to “challenge” the vines by making them “work” harder.

divtToday’s Food History

1928 Harry Ramsden opened what would become the most famous fish and chips restaurant in the world.

1968 John Steinbeck died. American novelist, some of his titles were: ‘The Grapes of Wrath,’ ‘Tortilla Flats’ and ‘Cannery…

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A North Point Tour of Hong Kong Eating Styles – Food Street Edition

20 Dec


Once upon a time in a rural village of Korea, we decided to escape the everyday grind and embark on an epic task to find the Best Burger in Busan (our nearest decent city).  We attacked this challenge with relish but were perhaps a little over-enthusiastic, given that we attempted to try all the burgers on our list in a single outing.  Ouch.

The meat sweats...

Now if one was to attempt to try a similar feat  in Hong Kong, we’re pretty sure that one’s stomach would physically rip apart by day end, making it hard to (a) write and (b) carry on eating.  That would suck.  So we’re dividing this series up into mere morsels (see what we did there?!) that will leave you salivating for more.  All in all should add up to a somewhat comprehensive guide to the HK food scene and let’s be honest here folks, a huge influencing…

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Brabant Potatoes

20 Dec

Food Observations

This accompanied a wonderful steak dish. I was so impressed with the potatoes that I am featuring them exclusively. I make this from time to time and adjust the technique to further refine the outcome. Here I blanched the cubed potatoes for about four minutes, then drained and sautéed in an oiled iron skillet. Toward the end of the cooking process I added a substantial nub of my wife’s compound butter and some fresh minced garlic. Crispy to the tooth on the outside and pillowy soft on the inside.


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20 Dec

My journal,my life

Beberapa waktu yang lalu gw kumpul2 dengan teman di PIM. Sambil keliling2 Street Gallery nya buat mutusin mau makan dimana, mampir lah kita liat2 menu di Sushi-Ku. Setelah diliat2 ternyata ada menu lunch yang berlaku setiap hari dari jam 11 sampai 5 sore. Mampir lah kita buat cobain menu lunch nya itu. Kita pesan menu nya jam 4.55, ud mepet banget ya..tapi untung masih dibolehin.

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Country Club Pizza

2 Dec

Food Observations

A good night to take a break from cooking. At the Par Lounge down the street, sausage & pepperoni goodness.


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